“All The States Jamboree (For Lack of A Better Title).”

All the States got together for their big jamboree,

Down in First Street, NE. Washington, 20543

They had come far and wide to claim their due with all might,

to argue somehow the others States’ votes warn’t right.

In their little red caps carrying their briefs thick and bound,

They demanded the Election be completely unwound,

From Texas and way up in Montana too,

They were saying the counting became somehow skewed,

Though the counters had counted and recounted again,

These Plaintiffs were saying that the Orange One had won.

They knew he had lost,

And had lost sometimes twice,

And Georgia had counted and he lost at least thrice,

But no matter the count or the way it was done,

The lawsuits kept coming trying to claim he had won.

Now there was only one place that could put this rest,

And proclaim to the people that the Emperor’s undressed.

The Supreme Court’s the forum in which it could end,

So all the States filed their briefs to politely butt-in.

But the whole Nation might a strange lesson yet learn,

That the Court had decided it was not their concern,

Justiciable Not and No Standing Exists,

And the Court might just leave all the States where they sit.

Right there in the middle of Electoral Stew,

Because everyone knows that old Donald is through.

Except for one party,

Who doesn’t want to accept,

he must leave pretty soon,

And never ever come back.

For that door to the Oval will “kiss” him goodbye,

And the cheers will ring out for Joe and Kamala’s ride.




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