As Autumn Waits

As Autumn waits outside our wall,

The days of Summer long grow old,

Their heads with salt and pepper suns,

And dusk now falls when Supper’s done,

The time for leaves to let their lease,

From greener days shall take their leave,

To find a room on mellow grounds,

The Summer Sun just watches now,

It sleeps and wakes as if before,

But like an ancient boarder might,

Tips to his bed before moonlight,

And wakes but later on each morn,

Preparing for his waning days,

With all that Autumn takes away,

No worries though,

No rush withal,

No cause to fear Summer’s undone,

It simply basks in knowing how

its verdant good feels well bestowed,

So let us think these sweeter thoughts,

Before our days of Autumn’s dark.

-Albert Turner Goins