Poem (for Langston Hughes)

This is America and we are

the Land where all kids born as stars “they can”

Where is “to be” is what you got

Not what “I believe” is just because

This is the rock of just “roll on”

The cliff too steep to stand upon

Without a place for falling soft

Without a hand to lean upon

“You’re on your own!” Mista Charlie said

To find a home

To eat your bread

But I’m the one who sells and buys

But Uncle Sam’s my best stand-by

I tells him if you needs to fight defend my wars,

Or live and die

And justice means I’ll buy some jails,

And sell you then to slop its pails,

The mess I makes you all cleans up,

Don’t ask for more

There ain’t enough,

Don’t you forget,

There ain’t enough,

That’s just a dream,

Y’all dreamed enough.

-Albert Turner Goins