Reposting in light of the recent changes at DOD:

Rats in the Desert, Not in Baltimore

This is the story. This the scam. It’s not for Trump Tower Moscow. Or even stealing an election. Or the next election. This the THE SCAM. Sell nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince MBS. The “buy-in” was probably at the Inaugural through the Inaugural Committee. Depending on the “contribution” via Trump and Manafort’s “mainest man” Tom Barrack who had tried to purchase the nuclear plant manufacturer. And then by appointing a Secretary of Energy who once upon a time could not even remember that the Energy Department existed at all (remember that “debate”). Now think about Bill Barr the Attorney General. Did he just shut down several investigations “spun off” by Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Office in the Southern District of New York, including the one looking at the Trump Inaugural Committee? Did Chairman Elijah Cummings of Maryland just issue a fifty-page Report from the House Oversight Committee which investigated this (I have yet to read it but will)? Bill Barr could not stop Congressman Elijah Cummings, and neither could Trump. Only one “play” left to “perfect” the deal. A deal, as my brilliant wife points out, that can now continue because of the refusal of Trump to make a Magnitsky Act report on the death of Jamal Khashoggi to the Congress about MBS which would subject him (MBS) to sanctions.The play is to berate the investigator — Chairman Cummings. Trump’s own well-established racism is the best cover for a political “flash grenade.”

This is the deal. No deep analysis. Mike Flynn apparently knew. Paul Manafort apparently knew. Tom Barrack apparently knew. And Trump surely knows. So does Elijah Cummings.

So forget about the rats in Baltimore. And the idiotic racist tweets. These boys are trying to get paid. Unless Chairman Cummings stops them. Make sense yet? Because, methinks the rats are in the desert. Just watch.





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Albert Goins

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