So five decades and seven years after the dreamer revealed his Dream we awaken in a nightmare. A nightmare of police violence towards African Americans many of whom are still trapped or left behind unable to reach the promised land.

We awaken to an America where its better angels have been bound and gagged and then imprisoned behind barricades of fear and division.

An America that chose to incarcerate instead of educate. An America that bought a layaway plan of greed and avarice and foreign domination instead of saving for the harder road of charity, common purpose and peace.

An America where the enemies of equality now have the bully pulpit and the truth is often their very favorite victim.

Who could imagine it? Who could predict that we would awake not to a better morning but to a looming twilight of anti-constitutionalism and official lawlessness?

An America where our heroes seem all too silent or just simply have gone on to pass the earthly bar to Heaven?

We must now become our own heroes. We must now become the leaders. We must now find a path in this wilderness. We cannot afford to wait.

For while dreaming of the promised land is tempting, and hearkening to the past may comfort us, the battle still rages.

The fallen gave their service.

We must stand up and fit the battle. Sleep will come another day.